Where I’ve been – no good excuses

Yes, it’s been awhile!

I honestly have no good excuse or reason to why this blog hasn’t been updating. I’ve just not felt like sitting on my laptop more than I already do for work. And retouching photos is still the most annoying part. But just to catch you up, here is some life update.

Some things that have happened during this year in no particular order:

  • We got a puppy! We finally bit the bullet and got a dog after years of thinking about it. Due to having an old cat until 1,5 years ago it wasn’t really something we could go through with but now the time was right. Even though after having a non-black dog some of our interior choices were not that good. I mean, black velvet sofa with a dog – do not recommend. Our dog’s name is Zelda and she’s a Eurasier. Atm she’s 4,5 months old so still in a chewy puppy state. You can follow her on IG @eurasier.called.zelda
  • You can see the world opening up again after few years since I’ve already had two work trips to Stockholm this year. It’s been a bit weird travelling but I have to say the new scanners at Helsinki-Vantaa airport (where you don’t have to take liquids or laptops out of bags) are awesome! Makes life so much easier for everyone. Stockholm was still very much the same Stockholm so not much really changed.
  • I was at Tuska Metal Festival by myself for a day. Due to puppy we couldn’t leave her for whole day so my bf decided to stay home since I could drive there and back quickly. But yeah, I got to see Eluveitie, Lost Society, Northern Kings, Omnium Gatherum and Korn. It was interesting being at a festival by yourself but also freeing since I could decide the bands I would check and if I wanted to wander off to get ice cream, food or do some shopping mid-gig, no one cared. Hopefully next year my boyfriend can get back to festivals again. And even my daughter could come since she will be 18 this November – and Tuska has age-limit nowadays.
  • I’ve been buying makeup and skincare but way less than I used to pre-Covid. On most days I do not wear makeup and I’ve been rather lazy with my skincare as well. I only go to office 1-2 times a month and on most days I only go to dog park where other people might see me – and no one really cares what you look like there when there are dogs to look at. I still post on my IG @henna.vee and TikTok @duvessav at times if you want to see what’s going on in my life (or what makeup I’m wearing).
  • We’ve now lived in this house for bit over a year. Still not completely decorated like we’ve wanted to – but we are in no rush on buying stuff we don’t really enjoy. I’ve lived with mismatched decor for so long that now I want everything to be thought through. And if you want to see more of the house, I post at times to on Instagram with new decor pieces or nice pics of the house.

I think that was it. Life’s been good, but nothing major has happened. I’m just so ready for autumn! Sweaters, candles, walks in forest with the dog, dark evenings and cold, crispy mornings – that’s what my autumn is made out of.

I talked with Heidi from Mustaa Kajalia and she decided to try and update blog once a month, I thought I should be able to do that too. And if I feel like it, I can update more often. But getting to some kind of schedule would be nice. So let’s see how things turn out.

How has 2022 been treating you?

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