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T(h)rash talk – finished products of 2021

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I was supposed to do post about finished products way earlier in 2021 but due to my upload schedule being so slow – I decided to gather all H2 2021 ended products to this one post.

All of the finished (or trashed) products are from after our move, I decided not to move any of my old finished ones. So that would be mid-June to end of year.


No surprise that I ran out of few dry shampoos. Two Batistes and one Garnier one. All three are great products! I will buy from both brands in the future as well even though I’ve tried to use less dry shampoos lately – my scalp is probably happy about that. Talking of scalp, my new favourite shampoo is by *Briogeo and their Scalp Revival shampoo. It’s a bit weird since it comes in a tub instead of a bottle but that’s because the actual product is extremely thick. I feel like my scalp is better behaving when I use this shampoo. I have another tub waiting for me to use up few other shampoos meanwhile, so definitely do recommend! I also finished Davines’ Detoxifying Scrub Shampoo(PR) which was nice to use to get rid of build-up in my hair and scalp. But out of it and Briogeo – I would go for Briogeo. I also finished my Function of Beauty hair mask. I do enjoy their shampoo and conditioner (because you can choose what they do) but my hair doesn’t need heavy masks. So if I ever order from them again – will not opt for a mask.


I don’t seem to save up my deodorants and most shower gels. So you only get two – The Body Shop’s Vanilla Pumpkin (which I still have one I think left in the cupboard) and *Molton Brown’s Fiery Pink Pepper (I have big bottle of this in use atm). Molton Brown’s scents are amazing so I think I might be going for their products for a while now – after I run out all my old shower gels.


I split the skincare to removing makeup/washing face and to leave-in skincare.

I go through makeup wipes due to having them on my makeup table for cleaning up my hands and possible fallout – I do not use these to remove my whole face of makeup. I just usually buy what the shop seems to have or if there are new ones to try out. For my needs most work fine. Glow Recipe’s small Blueberry Bounce Gentle Cleanser was a really nice cleanser. This tiny bottle went a long way! Smells nice, feels nice and doesn’t strip my skin. Might buy again! This one I won’t be buying again – *Charlotte Tilbury’s Goddess Cleansing Ritual. Waayyyy too much money for just ok products. Also the oil cleanse finished way before the charcoal cleanse. Not worth the price tag, even if these were cheaper – wouldn’t buy again. But then an amazing cleansing oil, just with an annoying bottle. *Origins’ Clean Energy Gentle Cleansing Oil is an amazing cleansing oil but it doesn’t come in a pump which means you have to unscrew a top off and then try to get it back on with oily hands. If that is not an issue or if you can put this to another pump bottle – would highly recommend!

*I love Verso‘s skincare even though it’s not the cheapest around. This was my first time trying their Night Cream and I have to say I really enjoyed it. Will most likely pick one up again if I get them in good enough offer. *Sunday Riley’s Luna Sleeping Night Oil is lovely oil but I think this is a bit too overhyped. I think there are better oils and retinols for your face with way cheaper prices.

Mini-size of *Pixi’s Retinol Tonic was nice enough to use but didn’t really see any difference. Will not purchase full-sized ones since there are better facial retinol products out there (e.g. Verso Night Cream I just talked about). Pyunkang Yul is raved Korean skincare brand – developed by institute that specialises in atopic skin disorders. I enjoyed the Mist Toner but I think due to not being readily available I might not repurchase it. Mario Badescu’s Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs and Rosewater is both raved and ranted about. I have to fall for ranting part – it’s not good for your skin. Will not buy with my own money (this came from an advent calendar).

*Biossance’s Squalane + Peptide Eye Gel is refreshing and moisturising eye gel. I really enjoy using this when I need more hydration around the eye area. Will most likely repurchase. Clarins’ Boosters (PR)(Energy and Detox) are extremely old so I just threw them out. I didn’t really use them enough to have much of an opinion. Korres’ Wild Rose Booster(PR) was a nice Vitamin C booster for daytime wear. I could wear this under makeup and sunscreen – wasn’t too oily even with the bi-phase liquid. The amount of Vitamin C (15%) is a really nice brightener. Keeping with Vitamin C’s – I think *Clinique’s Fresh Pressed daily booster was a lovely serum but I hated how fast it goes bad. I know Vitamin C is really unstable and in this product it’s meant to be used up in 7 days. But still. If you can’t commit to 7 day of usage, don’t bother or you will waste most of the product. This has only 10% of Vitamin C compared to Korres’ 15% – but still enough to see a difference. I opened Dr. Jart Ceramidin package and already used up Serum. It was nicely moisturising for my winter skin under makeup.

*Supergoop’s Unseen Sunscreen is a lovely clear sunscreen that sits well under makeup. It feels really silicone-y and slippery at first but I didn’t luckily see any moving of makeup on top of it. I will definitely pick one up again in the future. *The Ordinary’s Buffet is one of my favourite serums – with or without copper peptides. Also extremely cheap! Will definitely keep repurchasing!


Because my lip balm obsession needs its own category. Is this even a finished products post if I haven’t managed to finish at least three different lip balms? I think not.

I will have to start with *Laneige, since it’s my holy grail lip product brand. *Sleeping Masks AND Lip Glowy Balms are amazing! Have backups and will keep repurchasing. All scents are to die for! Mint chocolate was a nice one, wasn’t overly chocolatey so it felt refreshing more than too sweet. Berry (original scent) is a really good staple.

Other lip balms I’ve used up are Blistex Fruit Smoothies in Melon Medley (ok but not even the best Blistex one), Lipsmacker Sour Apple Smash (not good, bought just because it was an Avenger pack – nerd much?) and Dr. PawPaw’s Ointment (it’s ok but nothing to write home about). There are more but I think I just threw them out instead of keeping them in my empties. I keep lip balms all over the house, bags and car – so there’s many of them. Lancôme Lip Shaker in Apple Moi was a nice apple-y lip oil. It didn’t stay too long on my lips but I used it for hydration during work days at home.


I had surprisingly many makeup product to either end or go bad last year. Especially base products when I’ve not been out that much – nor worn makeup daily.

*Nars Pro-Prime stopped working for me at some point. I don’t know why, or did it just go bad. Used to love this product but I’ve found better – for me – base. Mini *YSL Instant Moisture Glow was a nice base – but I didn’t see glow particles, it was hydrating and smoothing more than glowy. It worked well for my skin and bought a full-sized one of this. *Hourglass Mineral Veil was a miss for me. I thought I would love it but it was too slippery and silicone-y for my liking. Also it leaves a white cast for you darker (than me) people out there. Becca Backlight Priming Filter is my absolute holy grail BUT as you all know, Becca doesn’t exist anymore. Also Smashbox x Becca only has their undereye corrector (another HG) and powder highlighters so there is no way of getting this anymore. I think closest dupe I own is Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless Filter. So if any of you has dupes, let me know!

*Laura Mercier Smooth Finish Flawless Fluide was an interesting foundation. I loved it in the beginning, then didn’t get on with it for a while and at the end loved it again. So yeah, not sure what to say about this. Very liquid-y product but had nice coverage. When I hated it, it made me look really dry – and when I loved it, it looked great on my skin. Go figure what was it really about then. *Hourglass Immaculate Liquid to Powder foundation wasn’t my favourite. It dried too quickly – it actually dried in the bottle, I didn’t use it all up. Maybe if you like really matte finish you might enjoy this one. *It Cosmetics CC cream is still one of my favourite foundations. Feels nice on skin and has great coverage. I used up the mini version I usually travelled with just because there are no trips in my near future.

Illamasqua’s Gel Sculpt in Silhouette came from some advent calendar and it has been an amazing contour product. I really loved it and the mini version lasted for ages. It is really easy to blend out and colour is great for me. I will have to think about repurchasing after I run out of my current sculpting stick from Fenty. I seem to only have one Real Techniques sponge in my trash but I’m sure I’ve thrown out more. Still my favourite sponges since it makes putting on makeup on my big face easier than Beautyblender. Maybelline Eraser is a nice medium coverage concealer. Works well under my eyes and I have new one of this in my collection.

I ran out of few mascaras. *Hourglass Caution is a great mascara and I have used up a full-sized version as well as this mini. Would repurchase. YSL Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils was meh, not sure which version I’ve liked before or was it just this mini but didn’t do much for my lashes. *Milk Kush Waterproof was a great mascara and I might pick this one up again.

Marc Jacobs Magic Marc’er (I can’t with this Marc-puns!) dried out but I can only blame myself – it’s been sitting in my travel bag for ages. It was good while it lasted and I trusted it when traveling to get a winged liner. Not even sure if this is sold anymore but I have others that are easier to get and better in my collection.

And finally the brow products. Uoma Beauty’s Blow Out brow gel is nice with small applicator and lots of pigment. If it was easier to get, I might buy again. *Suqqu’s Framing Eyebrow Liquid Pen in 01 is greenish felt-tip brow pen. I liked it but the same issue with all liquid brow products – the end dries out and picks up foundation/powder so it doesn’t work after a while as well. Still wouldn’t be against using it again since I liked how my brows looked.

So that was a lot of finished products. Any of them piqued your interest?

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