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Skincare haul from Skincity – what did I buy and why?

Includes affiliate links, marked *

I made an order to* last week when everything was 20% off to get some backups, and some new items to try out. I’ve been on low buy start of the year but last week I made Skincity order* and iHerb order. So yeah, not that low buy at the moment.

First, I threw in some RefectoCil products* – to tint my eyebrows at home. I got Oxidant 3% cream, Natural Brown cream (I have grey one already), and some orange sticks to mix it all with.

After that I wanted to get some facial oil, since I am soon running out of my current Rosehip oil – but after this purchase I also bought a replacement from iHerb. From Skincity I ordered Neal’s Yard Remedies Rosehip oil* which I hope is as good as the one I order from iHerb, since then I don’t have to make iHerb order in case I run out of my normal one. I know The Ordinary has one oil but what I remember it smelled even worse than the iHerb one, let’s see if NYR smells as bad – tbh, it’s the oil itself that should sort of smell like a bit fish-y but I’d be happy with as mild scent as possible.

I don’t have eye cream backups so I ended up buying Skincity’s Renewing Eye Cream*. And then I went and ordered another eye cream from iHerb – I will make another post from that purchase. Skincity’s one has retinoate in it so I will see if it’s a match for Verso eye serum, one from iHerb is just moisturizing so at least they have different uses.

For night cream, I decided to get Paula’s Choice RESIST Barrier Repair Moisturizer with Retinol*. I am now using Verso Night Cream which has been really good but also really expensive. So if this Paula’s Choice one is similar, then I can get away with using less money for retinol night cream. Let’s hope it works?

And since I now really want to pay more attention to my body skin as well, I got Paula’s Choice Skin-smoothing Retinol Body Treatment*. I have Paula’s Choice 2% BHA and 10% AHA lotions for my chicken skin arms, Retinol one I would more likely use for my legs and chest.

Any of your favourite products on my purchase, or anything you want to hear more about?

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  • Mimmi

    Hei ! Olisin kysynyt, että, kun luin sinun kaksi diagnoosia yhden hinnalla niin minulla olisi samaa ongelmaa ja olisinkin kysynyt, että muistatko kenellä ihotatilääkärillä kävit tuolloin, hänen nimeään?
    Yst. Mimmi

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