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My 5 favourite fall/winter perfumes – a lot of tobacco!

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Even though I can wear same perfumes no matter the season – I do tend to lean on more heavier scents in darker seasons. That also tends to mean tobacco based perfumes.

Light My Fire by Kilian

My all-time favourite perfume is Light My Fire by Kilian. I remember when I first found this perfume in a shop in Tallinn. Back then I just got it spritzed on me but couldn’t justify the price. I remember sniffing my wrists for the rest of the day – and on next day as well. I finally bit the bullet some years ago and got my full-sized Light My Fire from now-closed shop in Helsinki.

Light My Fire is amber woody scent with notes of tobacco, cumin, honey and vanilla. I don’t even know how to best describe the scent. It’s rich, intoxicating, smoky and sweet. Feels like I’ve stepped into a dark room in early 1900s that’s filled with tobacco smoke, pearls and women wearing rich perfumes.

Luckily by Kilian perfumes are refillable so you don’t have to pay 200 euros every time you need to repurchase a scent. Even though atm I can’t find Light My Fire from the French site, really hope it’s not discontinued.

Tobacco Vanille by Tom Ford

This is the newest addition to my perfume collection. And the most expensive one! If Kilian is just under 200 euros per 50ml, this is over 200e per 50ml. That’s why I bought 30ml version and luckily got 20% off the price – ended up paying 100 euros for this perfume.

*Tobacco Vanille by Tom Ford is sweet perfume with vanilla hitting you before tobacco does. It’s more subdued than Light My Fire and better for day-wear, where Light My fire is much more suited for nighttime.

On top of vanilla and tobacco, there is a definite hint of spices which reminds me a bit of Christmas. This is a warm scent which will leave a nice aura of scent around you.

Nirvana Amethyst by Elizabeth and James

This perfume was purchased just before the Tom Ford one which makes it quite new for me as well. But I’ve been wearing this one almost non-stop for the past weeks.

It’s really hard to get hold of Elizabeth and James perfumes in Finland which is why I ordered mine from The Netherlands.

Out of the three first perfumes, this is the sweetest and most subdued scent. Nirvana Amethyst has notes of tobacco, honeysuckle, cedar and spices making it a bit florally and sweet tobacco scent with hints of spices. This is really easy tobacco scent to wear if you’re not into heavy in-your-face scents. My perfume sailed a month from The Netherlands to Finland and it was definitely worth the wait – and price. This is cheapest out of the three perfumes this far – coming to only 85 euros per 50ml.

Which one to choose from tobacco perfumes?

If you want spicy, go for Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille

If you want more floral tobacco scent, go for Nirvana Amethyst by Elizabeth and James

If you want smoky and strong perfume, check out by Kilian Light My Fire.

Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir

My go-to winter scent for some years now has been non-tobacco scented *Pomegranate Noir by Jo Malone.

This is fruity, woody and spiced scent that I especially associate with Christmas time. I think that’s the hint of clove I can smell from the scent.

Pomegranate Noir is like pomegranate juice with spices in it. It is quite strong scent which is why I don’t think many people would prefer to wear this during daytime but I love the scent enough to wear it all day around. In summer this is more of an evening scent for me.

This perfume is warm and sweet yet you can smell the freshness of fruits in it. At 50ml this is the same price as Elizabeth and James coming to around 85 euros. I have a 30ml bottle at the moment but it will run out this winter so might buy a bigger one next time.

Jo Malone Blackberry & Bay

Now for something completely different.

*Jo Malone’s Blackberry & Bay is fresh berry scent with spiciness from bay leaves. Yes, that dried leaf that you throw in stews and don’t know what it does but you still add it. It has a distinctive scent to it and you can definitely smell the bay leaf in this Jo Malone’s perfume.

Above all this is a fresh and fruity scent. I wear this year-round no matter the time of the day. For some this might be more of a summer scent but I associate the bay leaf with more Christmas time again – and darker, colder months when I do make stews. The perfume has a bit of a citrusy kick to it from grapefruits so this is definitely lighter and fresher than any other perfume on my list.

So if you happen to meet me, most likely I will be wearing one of these perfumes in winter time.

What is your favourite fall/winter perfume?

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