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Makeup collection declutter – what I got rid off and what not?

After binging some makeup stash declutter/cleanout videos from YouTube (like this amazing one by Trixie Mattel) and decided that it’s time to go through my makeup. Some of the makeup I had were way too old – I probably also kept some way too old makeup – so they needed to go. The ones that still looked fine and smelled fine are going to friends and family, rest are either going to be recycled (like MAC ones to back2MAC) or just thrown out (since it’s really hard to recycle most cosmetics containers).

I started by going through bases, concealers, foundations and single eyeshadows/gel liners that are all in the main drawer of my makeup table. After the decluttering I still have 16 foundations, 9 primers, 6 concealers, 8 powders and some single eyeshadows and liners. So what did I get rid off then?

I threw out only few foundations – due to them separating or being way too dark for me. I didn’t have many more primers to begin with so I didn’t really have to declutter more than one. I got rid off few powders that I just don’t use enough (both loose), and few concealers that just doesn’t work for me (like KvD Good Apple concealer). Most of my single eyeshadows are loose ones so about half of the ones I had left are going to see if someone else wants to use them.

On my false eyelash drawer I got rid off two pairs – both of which have quite thick band and are too long for my eyes. So not much progress there. I got left with 10 band lashes and 5 individual lash packs. I don’t even use false lashes that often anymore and usually re-use one pair to death before moving to next one.

I seemed to have quite a few bronzers when I only wear few – so I moved 4 bronzers to give out to friends and family, and threw out one ages old Sleek contour one. I still have 3 contour products and 4 bronzers – more than enough to get me through next some years of my life. I left bronzers that were in different tones so that I can change them with seasons, like I’m now using the lighter bronzer by Physicians Formula.

Weirdly enough hardest part was blushes – maybe because I didn’t even go through eyeshadow palettes (more about that later). I swatched every single blush just to see did I have dupes. Not really. Well, on swatch level they don’t look dupes but on cheeks blended out, different story. Anyway, I had to throw out cushion blush by Lancôme, Clarins Skin Illusion blush that has been travelling with me a lot, and a MAC Simpsons collection one. Yes, I only got rid off three. And was left with like 20. Not a good percentage of success!

Highlighters were much easier even if I thought this would be a difficult one. Three went to wait out for a new home and five are ending up in a bin – including a Natasha Denona one. I really liked the ND highlighter but it arrived broken (from an advent calendar) and fixing it never really worked so I’m just finally letting it go.

I only got rid off dried out eyeliners and glitter liners with the exception of 3 that I just don’t use that friends and family can rummage through – they are metallic or bit glittery kohl liners, not my thing.

And finally, lip products. Only few can be given away – those that I’ve either never opened or just swatched. But a lot are going to trash. I saved only two MAC lipsticks – rest are out. And the two that I saved are Ruby Woo and Relentlessly Red. At least I can get few of them back with back2MAC. A lot of liquid lipsticks were dried out or separated – or just smelled funny. Some bullet lipsticks didn’t swatch well anymore and I had way too many lipglosses I just don’t use. I still have way more lip products than I need or use but at least now I can sort of see what I have without having to rummage through to find the one I think I might have.


And yes, about those pesky eyeshadow palettes. I have them all in one drawer and I’ve made a deal with myself that if I buy a new one, I have to get rid off some older one since nothing new (except maybe really small ones) will fit in the drawer anymore. It’s not that long ago when I got rid off few of them. But I did realize that I have an abundance of reddish brown eyeshadow palettes so I might declutter them at some point soon. But I’ve pretty much only tried to keep the ones that I like – even if I just really really like the packaging. And just so you know I have 30 eyeshadow palettes – some of which are smaller than 9 pan ones. Is it still a lot? Yes. I just really like playing with eyeshadows and even if my everyday makeup looks about the same, I like having options for when I want to do something different. Could I do it with less than 30 eyeshadow palettes? Yes. Most of them would end up in trash rather than given out to friends or family so I rather keep them myself for the time being.

I also noticed that I do not have many PR gifts left. I have some blushes, some bronzers, one primer and one highlighter.

Also let’s not forget that I have a stash of new makeup waiting to make its way to my collection – I have backups and just other new ones that I haven’t even opened yet. So even without buying makeup I should be set for some years. But will I not buy makeup? Nope. I can’t make a promise I know would be too tempting to break. Also I do have favourites that no backup that I have could replace, and I will repurchase them when they run out.

Still, a nice – or rather horrifying – amount of makeup that’s leaving my makeup collection. At least some of it will go to better homes. And some will go being recycled into new makeup packaging.

I will have another blog post about thrown away products with small reviews in my end-of-the-year finished products series. So stay tuned!

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