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Ideas for my new home office

We moved houses in June and I’ve been paying a lot of attention in my head to my new home office – I have pictured the final look in my head so many times. I’ve been using this home office room for almost two months now and let me tell you that last Sunday was the first time I did anything to make this look more like the end-goal. So yeah, I’ve been slacking – in this house I mean, I used most of my summer holiday to get the old house to look presentable for the new tenants.

But what do I want my home office/makeup room to look like then?

Unlike my normal white-grey-black rooms, my future home office will be black-gold-green. It all started from the fact that I wanted to use Holden Decor’s wallpaper that is called Akello Black (from Glasshouse collection). It has art deco style metallic geometric pattern with parrots, lizards, snakes and big leaves. And since I will only be using this wallpaper on one wall, I painted the long wall (opposite of window) with dark grey/almost black (Tikkurila Takorauta is the paint shade) that will suit the wallpaper. I will leave window wall and the wall I stare at when I’m working white – as they are now. So yeah, I managed to paint one wall of this new house in two months – next up is the wallpaper.

My home office will be combined space for me to work and do my makeup – so I need two tables. I moved in with my previous makeup table (IKEA Micke with drawers and cabinet), and my previous IKEA cheap white table for working – but I will be replacing the work table with most likely IKEA’s corner adjustable work table. At least the colour will be the same as in Micke and it sort of flows together more nicely. My makeup chair is Kartell’s Masters chair in black and my work chair is Embody from Herman Miller (grey with black back).

I unfortunately have now a white big cabinet on one corner and white set of drawers on another, but might change those later on when I have more of an idea how much storage space I need in this room.

I also want an armchair for times when I’m in long meetings and prefer to sit more comfortably. I’ve had my eye on Kare Design’s Dark Green Water Lily Armchair. If I can’t get that one, then something similar, most likely velvet covered. It would also be nice to have small glass/gold table next to the armchair to place laptop on so I don’t have to keep it on my lap.

I usually post on my Instagram stories (@henna.vee) on what I’m doing with the house if you want to see small snippets but will reveal the final (or at least close to final) look here as well.

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