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Clinique Fit – Workout 24-Hour Mascara wear test

Not even sure if this is still available anymore but I had to test this one out.

I bought CliniqueFIT Workout 24-Hour Mascara over a year ago and only got around to test it out this summer. And when I got myself back to gym I had my a-ha moment: what if I actually wear it to gym. Like duh, that’s what it was made for!

So, I applied some mascara and headed out to gym.

First, let’s talk about the mascara itself. The wand on this is extremely thin – long and thin to be exact. It doesn’t really do much more to your lashes than coat them with black colour. So I can see why this is “workout” mascara, it just makes your lashes look like they are naturally just black.

I usually go to gym with no makeup on since I sweat like a pig. And if like me you get sidetracked and wonder about the expression since pigs don’t really sweat – let me tell you that I was today year old when I as well realized it’s not talking about actual pigs. The expression comes from iron smelting process where poured iron looks like pigs on sand. And when the iron cools the air reaches its dew point and it looks like iron pigs are sweating. Ta-da!

On my right eye (left when looking at the picture) I have one coat of CliniqueFIT mascara, another eye’s lashes are bare

But back to the actual topic at hand – I put on mascara and head to gym. I do my normal gym routine which includes 15-30 min of cardio and 20-40 min of weight training – depending on the day.

I check my face mid-training and after training – a lot of sweat and red face but no mascara smears. I even wiped my face a few times forgetting I had mascara on.

I come home and hop into the shower – my drive from gym is 5-10mins depending on traffic. And I totally forget – again – that I’m wearing mascara and wash my face with just regular face wash. I remember about the mascara around 1 hour later and check mirror – no sign of mascara.

So it stays on when needed in sweaty workouts and washes off easily without needing oil based cleanser. If I had paid any attention when removing it, I might be able to say does it remove like 38 mascaras (the ones that just leave with warm water), but I didn’t. Still, I think that’s a win!

I don’t need mascara for gym so I won’t be buying this again – if it is even available anymore – but if you do, then check this one out. I’m not sure would any waterproof mascara work as well but some of them are harder to remove than this one.

Do you wear makeup when working out?


  • mses

    Mäkään en käytä meikkiä salilla, mutta muissa hikisissä olosuhteissa tulee välillä käytettyä. Esimerkiksi tänä kesänä olisi ollut hetkiä ihan sään puolesta, että kaipailin jotain tällaista. 😀

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