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Brands I want to try in 2021

How crazy is it to make a wishlist for brands I want to try when I should be on a really low-buy? A bit? A lot? Yeah, maybe. But anyway, you’re getting a list of brands I would really like to try this year – or other years to come – and haven’t tried yet for whatever reason.

I stole this idea from Angelica Nyqvist – a Swedish Youtuber, if you don’t follow her, I suggest you do.

Lethal Cosmetics – like I need any more makeup, especially eyeshadows BUT their shadows look so divine! They make single shadows and show a different mix of ready made colour palettes on their Instagram and the resent purple/grey one got me drooling. And I don’t use either colour that much in my makeup – and I just got 2 Melt eyeshadow palettes, one of which is half grey and one that is half purple. Do I need to buy single shadows? No! Will I buy them? I will most likely give in at some point this year… Sorry in advance bank account! Lethal Cosmetics is also a German brand which is nice since I cba atm to deal with customs (looking at you UK and US).

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BYBI Beauty – fellow Finnish bloggers have been talking a lot about BYBI Beauty for the past few years. I just haven’t gotten around to try anything from them. I hate that they call themselves clean beauty since that term is just vomit-inducing (sorry for the visual) but the bottles and jars just look so nice. Ingredient lists are short and simple, seed oils just have that – seed oils. Nothing extra added. So yes, if I run out of skincare that could be replaced by BYBI Beauty – I might give it a try later this year.

Luonkos – I’ve known about Luonkos for some years now but their cleansing cakes have taken the Finnish blogging world by storm. Also the fact that Luonkos is from Naantali – the town I grew up in – just makes me want them that bit more. Last year they brought forest cakes to market – which combines forest dirt (sounds weird) with skincare – some studies have shown that by spending time in the dirt/forest/wild will strengthen our bodies microbiome. Will it when applied topically? No idea but doesn’t really hurt to try. I was invited and RSVP’d to the event where they launched these cakes but couldn’t attend (via streaming) so I haven’t deep-dived into the actual studies. But since they offer solid oil bars for makeup cleansing and I do tend to go through cleansing oils like no one’s business, I will most likely be able to pick up at least one later this year.

This is not a brand but I’ve made a promise to myself to try more indie brands this year, especially Finnish/Nordic/European ones since they rarely get that much hype. If I buy something, I also want to buy it out of need (as much as cosmetics can be a need) rather than want (even though Lethal Cosmetics is under want). I have taken pictures of my makeup and skincare stash – and it ain’t pretty! I have so much to go through so I can’t see myself needing anything for first some months of the year. Also I would like to make more sustainable choices, so instead of buying the lipstick from big American brand I could try e.g. HAVU Cosmetics lipsticks (that actually look really pretty!). Prize might be higher but if the whole lipstick is 100% biodegradable (their words) then I rather pay extra money for less plastic waste.

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Also I think my daughter would love to try about – face by Halsey. I don’t listen to Halsey, I barely even know her but my daughter does listen to her and I have to say her makeup looks good. So I might buy some for my daughter for her birthday or name-day (it’s a thing in Finland!) and would probably end up trying myself some of them too. The matte fluid eye paints look amazing! So yeah, that’s a want and mostly even then for my daughter. We’ll see how they wear once the reviews start coming up – the brand just launched few days ago.

What brands do you want to try this year? Or do you have any suggestions for best products to start with from the brands I just mentioned above?

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