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Best of 2022

I have about 4 declutter posts in the making, if I just manage to upload the images and crop them, then you might know how much products did I use up or throw out last year. It’s a lot.

But before I manage to do that, let’s round up last year.

I have to say that the best thing to happen to me/my family last year was our dog, Zelda. She’s cost us a lot of money as well but she’s brought endless hours of joy. She’s also forced me to go on actual walks, outside, in all kinds of weathers and really take in the changing nature around us. So she’s the top tier best of 2022.

Other big change – but then not much at all – is that my daughter turned 18. She is now legally an adult but on the other hand nothing else changed. She’s still cooped up in her room/living room most of the time listening to music or watching YouTube or TikTok. But I managed to raise a child to adulthood, so that’s a point for me.

But if we look at less life-changing things, then maybe let’s talk about some skincare and makeup.

I have found some great products this year, even if they might be old news to some of you. First and foremost is the only product that will keep my browns in place – Schwarzkopf got2b Glued. It’s like actual glue. My brows won’t be moving at all. Already purchased a backup since you never know when it might disappear. I went hunting for a new waterproof mascara last year. My only idea for it was that it should have a plastic wand/bristles, not fibre. And I found few – but the best one was Catrice Glam & Doll mascara. It’s cheap but separates my lashes beautifully and makes them long. Great new find!

I didn’t buy many makeup items last year which means that my most used items are old ones from my collection – either repurchases or just new-to-me ones. I’m also trying to use up a lot of old makeup and skincare that I have saved up. That is why not many products stand out to me as something I would rave about since I’ve just used up products that I like – or if I didn’t like them, I threw them out – but no new must have favourites popped up.

Music-wise last year was good – not exceptionally good – but there were some solid new albums/songs released. Out of the ones that came out I’ve listened to Evergrey’s A Heartless Portrait, Architects’ the classic symptoms of a broken spirit and Epica’s The Alchemy Project (like 2 songs, on repeat).

I tried to remember what happened last year and it’s really difficult. I’ve been working from home like 95% of the time so all days blend into one. I was on two work trips in Stockholm and I attended Tuska metal festival. Outside of those not many different – or at least nice – events come to mind. Maybe I can get out of the rut this year and do something new and exciting. Well, here’s hoping!

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